Image Gallery

As you probably already know, I’m a photographer. More accurately, I’m an astrophotographer. While I do shoot images under more typical lighted conditions, the my specialty is night photography. That includes deep sky and planetary imaging, as well as landscape astrophotography and nightscapes.

Here you’ll find my various image galleries. ┬áIn my libraries, I’ve included even my early attempts, as I believe that having such a public portfolio shows the improvement over time as I’ve gained experience and better equipment. While many would post only the best of their best images, I make my entire gallery publicly available so that other aspiring photographers can see what to expect for themselves as they start out. While I’m certainly trying to showcase my work, I also consider myself to be something of a teacher at the dark arts of astrophotography. And I believe it’s important to share everything.

I would encourage any of you with Flickr accounts to check out my Flickr page and follow me to get the full information and details on all of these pictures any any new ones I upload.

deep-skylunar widefield planetary milkyway aurora untitled-1