Month: June 2015

Hitting The Mark

Since I started doing astrophotography almost 3 years ago, it’s been a learning curve. I never stop learning new things. I can see my constant improvement as I move ahead, but despite that, I’m still my own worst critic.

I’ve had a few images that people have raved over. Yet, I look at them and I see flaws, faults, errors, and think of all the ways I could have done it better. And in many cases, I’ve revisited the subjects in question and have improved them significantly. Still not always to where I would want them to be, but improvements nonetheless.  I went over this self-criticism and how it’s helped me improve my work in my Sept 2014 blog entry Striving For Continuous Improvement Instead of Perfection.

While I’ve had some very good results over the past 3 years, I always look at my work critically and think that there’s room for improvement. And rightfully so, because things can almost always be done better. That’s how we improve at our craft. Continue reading “Hitting The Mark”