Site updates! Image and video galleries

Not a lot to say here other than I’ve been very hard at work trying to make this new site as complete as possible. I’ve gotten the hang of WordPress now and got myself the plugins that I need to make it work the way I want to.

As some of you may know, I spent the better part of last week building my Aurora Borealis section. This includes both an informational section on the aurora as well as my Aurora Forecast Tool. The forecasting tool was a beta work in progress for a week or so as it was  being tested and refined. It’s now complete and ready to use.

Today, I added the 2 final pieces that I had wanted to include for a while – image and video galleries. Previously, the main menu linked to my Flickr gallery and YouTube channel, which served the immediate purpose of linking my site with my work. However, I wanted a more integrated solution. So tonight I found and configured the WordPress plugins I needed to link this site to my respective channels.

The result is that both my Flickr gallery and YouTube channel are part of the DAA site. The respective pages will automatically update when new content is uploaded to those other libraries, so the web site will always be up to date, removing the need to manually update it.

Things are looking good. The final piece of the puzzle is getting my store online so that I can start selling prints and licencing my images online and perhaps sell other products. But for now, I’m pleased with my progress.

On a side note, the site’s been up less than 2 weeks and has already received over 3000 visitors. This is truly a record, as I was only a 15000 visitors on the old Blogger site over a span of 3 years.  It makes me happy that my hard work is actually being seen.