Sometimes I wish I knew what I was doing…

So on Friday evening, I was out shooting some images using my new iOptron SkyTracker mount. I had some great success with it, actually. The evening wasn’t without its snags, of course, but overall things went really well.

However, I’ve been having a real challenge when it comes to processing my work. I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend trying to process my images. And I can’t seem to get any colour out of them whatsoever. My “worse” image – the Flame Nebula turns out to be the only one that’s displayed colour in the final results, despite being the one that I have the fewest frames for.

I know there’s something I’m not doing right in my processing. I’m not sure if it’s in DeepSkyStacker or Photoshop. Unfortunately, I’m not experienced enough to actually know WHERE I’m erring in my process. It can be quite frustrating at times. But I’ll keep soldiering on.

Also, coming soon will be a review of the iOptron SkyTracker, as it was requested by a few people already who are curious about it.

Clear skies!